The Coatesville Cultural Society

is a theatre company based in Coatesville Pennsylvania.

Founded in 1994 by a group of artists and friends, the Cultural Society is a gathering place for people of diverse backgrounds and interests

Through our theatre, we hope to bring together people who otherwise might not have the occasion to spend an evening in each other's company.

Towards this end, an evening at our theatre includes time spent breaking bread together, sharing our thoughts and observations and listening to others – things we hope will help to heal and strengthen the community.

The Coatesville Cultural Society develops theatre productions that are performed at its theatre on Main Street in Coatesville as well as on tour throughout the region, to schools and abroad. Productions of recent years include contemporary and original plays, poetry adapted to the stage and productions of Greek and Shakespearean plays.

In addition to its own work, the Cultural Society presents the work of other artists and organizations at its theatre.

A message from
Danny Fruchter
Co-Founder Coatesville Cultural Society

Your contribution in any amount is greatly appreciated.

Bob Jones
Co-Founder Coatesville Cultural Society

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